Emailed to local media outlets at 3:05pm on Saturday, February 20

Wausau, WI – Saturday, February 20, 2016 – The Kronenwetter for Mayor Campaign announced Saturday that Kronenwetter was stopped by police Friday and ticketed for driving outside the time allowed by his occupational license.

“As a result of my OWI in 2013, I am currently on an occupational license where my hours of driving are restricted. After working late at my sister’s house last night, I made a bad decision to drive home outside of my legal hours,” Kronenwetter said. “It was bad judgement and I make no excuses.”

“As I have said before,” Kronenwetter noted, “I am not a perfect man and I promise to be open and honest about my faults and failings. Our campaign is not about electing Jay Kronenwetter. Our campaign is about returning the decision making authority to the people by strengthening our democratic institutions and giving everyone a seat at the table.

“We intend to win this election and make the priorities of the citizens, once again, the priorities of our city hall. I pray that my mistake will not cause others to lose faith in this important mission and I apologize for the distraction.”

Last week Kronenwetter finished second in the primary voting for Mayor of Wausau. The general election will take place April 5th.