What Will the Future Phases of the Mall Deal Entail? – “They Don’t Know”

The city and CBL recently suggested to the City Pages in an article titled Fear and Loathing at the Mall that well-laid plans for future phases of the mall reinvigoration have existed since the initial presentation was provided to a select few.  I guess that depends on how you define “plan” and how you differentiate it from mere possibility.  The city’s economic development manager also asserted that council members had been in on the details from day one.

But If the Economic Development Manager Has No Idea What Will Really Go Into the Mall in Future Phases, How Would the City Council?

“They don’t know what it’s going to be until they land a tenant for the space.” Christian Schock, Wausau Economic Development Manager, 1/21/16

Christian Schock to the Economic Development Committee, Listen to audio below at 2 minutes and 27 seconds

– Jay